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Here's Our Story...


At SportsAddict Apparel, we believe that no matter your background, race, ethnicity, or part of the world you live in, sports brings about commonality and unity among us all. Conversely, harmful addictions unify us as well. We all know someone with harmful addictions such as drugs, alcohol, unhealthy foods, self cutting, etc. Our mission is to promote more positive "addictions" (if you will) such as sports, through our apparel.


Research shows that children who engage in sports at an early age have higher gpa's, higher school attendance, higher graduation rates, and lower dropout rates. Additionally, people who participate in sports tend to lead happier, healthier lifestyles. Sports also help to bring out the best in us: Teamwork, Drive, and Discipline. These attributes, along with education, can help to reduce destructive addictions. This is the fuel behind our company!


A portion of all proceeds from your purchases will go toward organizations that fight against harmful addictions.


We hope that you will join our fight to promote sports as a positive addiction and help to battle against addictions that are destroying our communities and our youth!

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